Cornell Autonomous Sailboat Team

CUSail is a Cornell Engineering Project Team comprised of 30 students from 4 different colleges and 10 different majors. We work together as a team to build a fully autonomous robotic sailboat for competition and oceanic research. Each year we design our boat using CAD and then manufacture it using composites and other materials. In June, we compete in SailBot, the International Robotic Sailing Competition held annually. We hope that from our experiences in the competition we can achieve our long term goal of finding an optimal boat design to create a fleet of autonomous vessels for all different types of oceanic and environmental research.




Team Members






Our Goal

Our goal is to design and manufacture a small, inexpensive, and mass-producible autonomous robotic sailboat for competition and research that can intelligently navigate the ocean and collect data. Our long term goal is to decrease the cost of environmental research by designing a research vessel that can cheaply collect data such as salinity, turbidity, fluorescence, or acoustic patterns, as well as be able to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.